Targeting Where The Support Is Needed And


In rural and remote parts of Indonesia, such as North Bali early childhood development services that would possibly identify dyslexia are either absent, inaccessible or unaffordable to most children, meaning they miss out on valuable early learning and development opportunities that their urban counterparts in the south receive.


We are a non-profit organization situated in North Bali providing classroom support to dyslexic children and teacher-training programmes which embody the latest research to ensure that literacy is taught effectively in the classrooms of Bali.

The population of Bali, Indonesia is over 4.2 million. Catering for a growing population there are hundreds of underfunded schools with little or no material to practice inclusive education.

Dyslexia in Bali is misunderstood for laziness leading children to feel frustrated and discouraged.

According to research studies, some of the smartest individuals in history were dyslexic, such as Albert Einstien, Thomas Eddison, Richard Branson and many other great icons in history.

Hidden in the shadows of our schools is the next generation of entrepreneurs that with our help, will access support, gain intervention and become all that they wish to be by gaining equality in education.

Bali Dyslexia Foundation is proud to be Bali’s first free service offering teacher training, student assessment, ongoing support, and student scholarships specifically for students with dyslexia.



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