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A registered Yayasan constituted in Bali, Indonesia, as:
‘YAYASAN PENDUKUNG DISLEKSIA BALI’. Registration no: 5019072251101261

We are a non-profit organization providing education learning programs for the most disadvantaged children in Indonesia with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia.

OUR Mission

Teaching for All Abilities. Believing in All Abilities. Providing education learning programs for the most disadvantaged dyslexic children in Bali.


To identify all Dyslexic learners in Bali's classrooms by 2023.


Providing tailored resources and Teacher Training Programs to meet the needs of dyslexic learners.

Our Efforts Work Against Inequalities



Student Assessment

Providing assessment materials and identifying children with dyslexia.


Teacher Training

Empowering teachers to enable them to support dyslexic learners in the classroom environment.


On-going Support

Delivering multi-sensory teaching material, removing text barriers and focusing on the needs of the learners.


And Make a Difference In a Childs Life Today



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Our Focus is:


Student Intervention

Opportunities for students with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia to progress and develop their knowledge at the same pace as their peers.
Students to access the same opportunities, such as employment and moving onto tertiary or further education.
Bali Dyslexia Foundation will enable children with dyslexia to become all that they can be without prejudice or shame.
Providing tailored resources to meet the needs of the learners.
Effective interventions ‘personalize learning’ by matching provision to meet children’s individual needs and quicken the pace of learning for those with literacy difficulties, thus narrowing the attainment gap with their typically developing peers.

Teacher Intervention

Our teacher training courses provide teachers, TA's and other education staff with the knowledge and skills to support their dyslexic students. Onsite training and tailored one to one programs are offered to all teachers who are on the program.
We are a non-profit organization that offers teacher-training programmes which embody latest scientific research to ensure that literacy is taught effectively around the world.

Student Scholarships

Student scholarships will be offered to diligent students showing capability and strengths in their chosen subjects. Scholarships offered will assist in the cost of their ongoing education at university or tertiary placement.
Annual Sponsorship Cost: Kindergarten and primary school level (pre-school and year 1 - 6) cost AUD$150. Secondary school level (year 7 - 9) costs AUD$170. High School level (year 10 - 12) costs AUD$200. University / Diploma cost will be based on the policy and fees of each institution.
100% of Sponsorship funds go directly to the learning needs of the children who are sponsored. This means they will gain access to skilled teachers’ who are specifically trained to teach children who are dyslexic, learning resources and learning materials that they may need in the classroom. Sponsorship funds DO NOT go towards the foundations administration and over-head costs. A fully transparent ‘Sponsorship Program’ is offered enabling sponsors to clearly see where their funds have been used and monitor their return of social investment.